Many experienced poker players try to play at tables where there are many losers. There is an opinion that the game against such players is very profitable because they play a very wide range of starting hands. In addition, they often play in a minus for themselves, as their game involves undue risk.

The main characteristics of loose players are:

  • Drawing of a large number of combinations.
  • An aggressive game without a strong enough combination.
  • Attempts to bluff.
  • Lack of a clear strategy.

Features of such players

Most of the loose players are at the tables with low limits, but this does not mean that by raising the limit, the poker player makes it impossible to play against them.

Losers can occur not only at low limits but at tables with medium and high ranges of bets they can also be found. It depends on the particular game situation.

Factors that prevent you from winning at the tables with losers

Many players want to be at the loose table because they believe that this is enough to get a win. However, it should not be considered that it is so easy to win there.

Some players cannot win at tables with such opponents. The lack of success is usually explained by the following factors:

Players do not take the games seriously

At low limits, they are not afraid of losing money, since the size of the deposit rates is small. Such an attitude to own funds, even in the case of losing a small amount is fundamentally wrong. Whatever the size of the bets, it should be treated responsibly, as well as the sum is ten times greater.

Unwillingness to discard cards

In hands where most opponents continue to play post-flop, the player involuntarily wants to join them. The player often overestimates the strength of his own hand, and as a result, he loses. This affects the emotional state, forcing the player to make new mistakes.

Players cannot choose the optimal strategy.

You should choose the tactics of behavior depending on the specific game situation and you would win for sure.