Being at the poker table in a live game, a player gets an opportunity to observe a reaction, facial expressions, and gestures of an opponent, which makes possible to make an assumption about his possible combination. In the online format, there is not such an advantage, except for tables with a webcam. However, by playing in the virtual room, a gamer has additional opportunities in the form of different software, calculator programs, and various tips, so an answer to the question of whether it is possible to win in online poker should be discussed.

Many newcomers who do not have a sufficient level of skill and knowledge of strategies blame their online room for their losses. As practice shows, users of online rooms prefer to express dissatisfaction to a website, and they do not recognize that the reason for the constant losses is their bad game.

In this discipline, a player should not evaluate his own success by one game. The result can be seen only after a long time play because even the best poker player cannot win all the games. Constant practice and study of the theory, viewing training videos and VODs, reading books and analyzing your own game will quickly make you feel the improvement in your performance.

An important factor in winnings is the proper management of your own bankroll. A player should understand the value of the bankroll management, to comply with its basic rules, since the unreasonable and irrational use of your own money would not lead to positive results.

Answering the question of whether it is possible to win online poker, you have to be very careful about choosing a limit.

A poker player can successfully play on a low limit, but when it increases, you should be very attentive. This means that the correctly selected table rate is another key for getting a win. Together with increasing of the limit, the level of mastery of players also increases, and the number of inexperienced opponents decreases. The player must clearly understand what the size of the blinds are in his comfort zone, and move to more expensive tables only in the case of a very successful game.