There are many strаtеgies bаsed on probability theory. These include the strategy of GTO . It is based on Nash equilibrium, which is a fundamental concept in game theory. GTO (in English means “game theoretical optimum”) is an optimally balanced game that can not be exploited. Simply put, playing on this theory, the opponent’s actions are not important, because against you he does not have positive equity. GTO is better used against experienced players. It will be hard for them to anticipate your actions. Weak opponents do not study your game, so in the fight against them it’s better to play in exploiting style.

When does the GTO pоker strаtegy apply?

The benefit of the TRP is that your equity against any opponent will be 50%. But this is not the best EQ, if compared with other strategies. The essence of GTO is the impossibility to predict the next move and, accordingly, to forecast equity. This makes it possible to monitor the enemy, analyzing the changes in his game in comparison with the application of your operational strategy. A small equity in the TRP is offset by the inability to read you.

At low limits, this is rarely used. Sure, there are a lot of weak players here, but do not forget about the answering machines that call all bets in a row. Against such opponents, it makes no sense to bluff – a simple game “on the map” will give a good result. Opponents simply do not study you, so you can not include the TRP here. Inexperienced players make quite a few typical mistakes: they call not according to the chances of the bank, do not bluff, or often fold cards in response to a counterbet. This should be used, since it is easiest for beginners to earn without resorting to various theoretical game optima.

There are many strаtegies for playing poker for real money, but they all have one drawback – readability. Game Theoretical Optimum is a unique strategy. It does not allow the opponent to predict your actions and assume equity. The alternation of GTO with other game techniques gives good results. This theory is especially effective in a game with experienced players at high limits. The study of the TRP will help Matthew Janda’s book “Applications of No-Limit Hold’em.” It will reveal all the subtleties of the gаmе according to the оptimal theory.